All About Oysters

WE KNOW OYSTERS!  We harvest them wild from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Working the water in the winter months can sometimes be challenging (not too mention cold) but that is when the oysters are at their prime.

We are also in the beginning stage of farming oysters in a creek near our home where we hope to be able to better market this superior product as well as help to repopulate this struggling species.  

We teach how to open and prepare these local specialities in our OYSTERS 101 Class at our farm.  And we take them on the road, catering raw bars and oyster roasts for friends, neighbors and community partners.  Want oysters for your next party?  Just let us know!

Glimpses into the life of a waterman.

Thanks for our friend David Hawxhusrt for sharing this great video of Mark

and his brother gill-netting for Rockfish.